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Stop Pollution in Delhi

Stop Pollution in Delhi

Stop Pollution in Delhi

Stop Pollution in Delhi

While Delhi is already the world’s most polluted city, it is now facing a new threat from dust and noise pollution as the group housing societies are misusing a vague government policy under floor area ratio (FAR) rules that obliquely allows expansion of occupied houses.

Although people of all ages and orientations will get affected, the pollution from the extended construction activity will dangerously harm children and senior citizens in the entire city of Delhi.

It is estimated that the increasing construction dust will directly attack the lungs of more than 6 million children in Delhi and they will not be able to breathe properly throughout their lives.

Similarly, senior citizens in the city will experience increased incidents of severe diseases which will directly impact their life expectancy.

As construction dust includes cement particles, it is more harmful than ordinary dust in the atmosphere. If construction activity is carried out in localities where people live, it will cause serious, incurable diseases among them. The diseases include irritation in eyes, skin rashes, coughing, sneezing, hayfever, asthma attacks, and amnesia.

RMN Foundation is running a mass awareness campaign to stop construction and pollution in Delhi.

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