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RMN Foundation running an education promotion campaign in Delhi. July 2017.

RMN Foundation running an education promotion campaign in Delhi. July 2017.

Equal Opportunity for All to Live and Progress

RMN Foundation is an educational and public charitable Trust formed in May 2015 for the benefit of humanity at large. It is registered with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India.

With all-encompassing philanthropic objectives to serve the masses, RMN Foundation is now working as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in diverse fields of human activity. All the services of the Foundation are structured to ensure “Equal Opportunity for All to Live and Progress,” which is also the fundamental belief and the driving force for the people working for our organization.

RMN Foundation is a social initiative of RMN Company.

You can download the RMN Foundation profile.

RMN Foundation Trust

RMN Foundation Trust

Among its objectives, RMN Foundation strives to build sustainable resources to allow underprivileged sections of our society to stand up with full dignity and join the mainstream. In general, the objectives of the Foundation will always be dynamic to optimally utilize the resources in hand with the aim to help the have-nots in all possible ways.

However, the current focus of RMN Foundation is to empower poor and disadvantaged children by providing them the best possible education.

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