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RMN Foundation School Children in Delhi

RMN Foundation School Children in Delhi

Our Approach

RMN Foundation takes the following steps to complete an end-to-end process with the aim to achieve its educational objectives.

Selection of Children

The children will be admitted to RMN Foundation schools based on definite eligibility criteria. However, they will either be from the “totally abandoned” or “economically weaker” sections of society. The ideal age for admission will be less than 12 years – preferably around 4 years.


Children’s education will be based on an exclusive non-conventional curriculum, which will be customized and changed with the changing needs in the marketplace. It will comprise professional and soft skills aligned with different areas of modern business and organizational activity.

The focus of the studies will be to empower the children to stay ahead in the current competitive environment. So technology education will always be an important element of our whole education system.

Career Guidance

Depending on their strengths in different professional areas, the children in the RMN Foundation schools will be guided to grow in those particular areas and lead their teams.

Enterprise Model

The qualified candidates will be allowed to become part of our subsistence- and career-oriented “enterprise clustering model” in different processes and enterprise streams. Others will play support roles.

Social Setup

The children with the RMN Foundation schools will be encouraged to build their families and then move out of the Foundation setup, though they will always be part of the RMN Foundation family and keep contributing to its growth.

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