Appeal for Donation to RMN Foundation Charity

Students at the RMN Foundation Free School in New Delhi
Students at the RMN Foundation School in New Delhi

Students at the RMN Foundation School in New Delhi

Appeal for Donation to RMN Foundation Charity

Dear Donors,

I am a journalist and social activist. This is to inform you about the activities of RMN Foundation which is a humanitarian organization that I had formed in May 2015. It is registered with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India.

With all-encompassing philanthropic objectives to serve the masses, RMN Foundation is now working as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in diverse fields of human activity.

Currently, all the activities of RMN Foundation are being managed single-handedly (without any support) by me while I had left my job a few years ago to run this charity.

These days, RMN Foundation is working mainly in the following areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society.

Environment Protection

Anti-Corruption Activities

Children’s Education Rights

Labour Rights

Political Awareness Campaigns

As the RMN Foundation has embarked upon some major humanitarian projects during the past about 3 years, now it needs significant amount of funds in the form of donations to expand the scope of its activities.

With this introduction, I request you to help RMN Foundation and donate for the human-welfare services that it is offering selflessly. You may please also circulate this information among your friends, family members, and colleagues who may also donate to support the Foundation’s work.

Donation details are given at the following link:

[ Appeal for Donation to RMN Foundation ]


Request for an early response.

Rakesh Raman
RMN Foundation
463, DPS Apts., Plot No. 16
Sector 4, Dwarka, Phase I
New Delhi 110 078, INDIA

Donate for the RMN Foundation Charity

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Donation Total: ₹5,000.00