Free Residential Schools for Deserving Children

Students at the RMN Foundation Free School in New Delhi
Students at the RMN Foundation Free School in New Delhi

Students at the RMN Foundation Free School in New Delhi

The current education system in India is based on archaic syllabuses and obsolete pedagogy which cannot
make students employable in the contemporary job market. As a result, the joblessness is spreading like a pandemic disease and the students taught under this stale system cannot be called educated, as they never get ready for any work that can give them proper employment.

The proposed schools aim to overcome this problem by producing an employable workforce. The education will be based on a dynamic “Constructive Education Framework” that has been developed as an alternative education model. It connects education with employability and aims to produce morally sound and honest people with a view to build a clean and prosperous society. [ You can watch a related video. ]

The education model suggested to be used in the proposed modern schools can also be integrated with the state education policy to improve the education standards as well as the employment levels in different Indian states.

You can click here to download the concept note and support this initiative. The concept note is also given below in digital format.


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