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RMN Foundation Report on School Education

Children at RMN Foundation School: Free Modern Education

Children at RMN Foundation School: Free Modern Education

RMN Foundation Report: Let Us Save the Lives of Our School Children

Although the quality of education for all types of education – basic as well as advanced – need to be improved in India, the immediate need is to focus on improving the school education standard which is going from bad to worse.

As school education is supposed to build a strong foundation for the subsequent college and university education, the government must chalk out a flawless policy to create a framework that should meet all the education-based objectives such as knowledge enhancement, personality development, employment, and career development for a student.

Here’s a complete report that sheds light on the state of school education in India and offers 13 remedial steps to improve the quality of education. These steps cover the following areas:

1. Primary Curriculum

2. Education Streams

3. New Syllabuses and Books

4. New Teachers

5. Crackdown on Private Tuitions

6. Role of Parents

7. Parents’ Awareness

8. Class Promotion

9. Examination Surveillance

10. Special Education

11. Job Market

12. Career Counseling

13. Literacy Definition

The RMN Foundation report titled “Education Dilemma: Let Us Save the Lives of Our School Children” compiled and written by RMN Foundation school teacher Rakesh Raman explains the pitfalls in the current school education system and suggest various measures that are required to be taken. You can read the report here.

RMN Foundation, which is an educational and public charitable Trust, provides free modern education to deserving students in its schools.

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