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Support New Research Project on Corruption in India

Political and bureaucratic corruption is the main cause of poverty, pollution, sickness, and hunger in India. Click the photo to know the details.

Rakesh Raman – who is the founder of the humanitarian organization RMN Foundation – has planned to start a comprehensive research project to compile an exclusive report on corruption in India. The research report will carry detailed information on corruption including data, interviews, and case studies from primary as well as secondary sources. Individuals, organizations, students, educational […]

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Consultative Paper on Civil Unrest and Politics in India

Unruly traffic on a road in New Delhi, India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service (Representational image)

Consultative Paper on Civil Unrest and Politics in India CONSULTATIVE PAPER Failure Of Congress And The Road Ahead It reveals how Congress – which is the largest opposition party in India – is losing its relevance and the steps that it can take to save India from the impending disaster. You can download and study […]

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Lethal Gas Chambers of India: Research Report

Deadly dust and noise pollution is caused by FAR construction in occupied cooperative group housing societies of Delhi where millions of people live.

Lethal Gas Chambers of India: Research Report on Pollution in Delhi This research report reveals the worsening environmental situation in India’s capital New Delhi because of increasing air pollution. Of late, the hazardous effects of pollution have exacerbated as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, has unleashed a brutal scheme under […]

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Consultative Paper on Political Reforms in India

Mostly poor and uneducated people vote in India

As the Lok Sabha Election is scheduled to happen in India during 2019, I have launched an exclusive online editorial section for voter education. It sheds light on the political as well as democratic status in the country. As I have been studying various aspects of democracy and election processes, I find that the current […]

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Equal Opportunity for All to Live and Progress

Poor children who live and sleep on the open pavements in India’s capital New Delhi. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

RMN Foundation strives to build sustainable resources to allow underprivileged sections of our society to stand up with full dignity and join the mainstream. The current focus of its activities, however, is on children, as the RMN Foundation believes that the key is in the hands of children to make this world a better place […]

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