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Support New Research Project on Corruption in India

Political and bureaucratic corruption is the main cause of poverty, pollution, sickness, and hunger in India. Click the photo to know the details.

Rakesh Raman – who is the founder of the humanitarian organization RMN Foundation – has planned to start a comprehensive research project to compile an exclusive report on corruption in India. The research report will carry detailed information on corruption including data, interviews, and case studies from primary as well as secondary sources. Individuals, organizations, students, educational […]

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Green Group of Delhi

Senior citizens participating in RMN Foundation campaign to stop extended construction and pollution in Delhi.

Lethal Pollution Killing People in Delhi Facts About Pollution 1. A new IQAir AirVisual report, which covered 3,000 cities of the world, has revealed that Gurugram (a.k.a. Gurgaon) a suburb of the Indian capital New Delhi is the most polluted city of the world while 22 of the top 30 polluted cities are in India. 2. Delhi remains the most polluted capital across […]

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PolCom Political Communications and Research Services

PolCom Political Communications and Research Services

Proposal for Political Communications and Research Most political initiatives fail to deliver the desired results because they fail to create the right content for the right people to be delivered at the right time through the right communication channels. With this message, RMN POLCOM GROUP is offering its custom content development and research services to […]

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Legal Case to Protect Human Rights from Pollution

Children – who studied at the RMN Foundation free school – participating in a pollution-control campaign in New Delhi. Photo and campaign by RMN Foundation founder Rakesh Raman.

Legal Case to Protect Human Rights from Pollution As increasing pollution in India’s capital New Delhi is depriving people of their basic human rights to live in a clean, pollution-free environment, the government has worsened the already alarming situation with its FAR construction policy. The FAR construction is spreading lethal dust and noise pollution in […]

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Consultative Paper on Civil Unrest and Politics in India

Unruly traffic on a road in New Delhi, India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service (Representational image)

Consultative Paper on Civil Unrest and Politics in India CONSULTATIVE PAPER Failure Of Congress And The Road Ahead It reveals how Congress – which is the largest opposition party in India – is losing its relevance and the steps that it can take to save India from the impending disaster. You can download and study […]

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Delhi Disaster Report 2019

Poor children who live and sleep on the open pavements in India’s capital New Delhi. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

Delhi Disaster Report 2019 Administrative and Political Downfall in New Delhi A Research Report on the Humanitarian Crisis in India’s Capital New Delhi October 2019 An Initiative of Raman Media Network Author and Researcher: Rakesh Raman Delhi Disaster Report 2019 reveals the humanitarian crisis in India’s capital New Delhi. The main topics in the report […]

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