Need to Stop Covid Crimes and Human Rights Violations

A road in New Delhi during the coronavirus lockdown in India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service
A road in New Delhi during the coronavirus lockdown in India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

A road in New Delhi during the coronavirus lockdown in India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

Need to Stop Covid Crimes and Human Rights Violations

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company – which is working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale – is publishing The Outbreak magazine (formerly Covid Health Bulletin) to cover global coronavirus news and views. The magazine is being edited by Rakesh Raman who is the editor of RMN News Service.

Today, people across the world are not only facing Covid health crisis, but they are also being crushed by the criminal rulers mostly in the so-called democratic nations. Their stories are covered in the current issue of The Outbreak.

It is being observed that during the past few months, the authoritarian governments in different countries are committing rampant crimes and human rights violations under the cover of the Covid crisis to oppress their citizens.

Instead of making serious attempts to deal with the pandemic, the autocratic rulers are releasing fake, understated Covid data to hoodwink the people while hiding the enormous extent of calamity. They are also concealing the data about the effectiveness of vaccines.

Editorial Notice

The RMN News Service has been producing The Outbreak news magazine since April 2020. Now, it is being observed that there is a dearth of Covid-related news and the world focus on the coronavirus pandemic is waning. Therefore, RMN News Service has decided to discontinue the publication of The Outbreak magazine after the current March 1-15, 2022 issue. The individual Covid-19 stories will be published on RMN news site. Thank You. Editor.

Journalists who try to present the truth about the widespread disease, deaths, and corruption are being harassed. The courts have lost their relevance while the police and security forces operate as gangs of criminals.

Unfortunately, however, there is no global mechanism to prosecute and punish these dictators who are leveraging the Covid pandemic to strengthen their political positions. It is being observed that the democratic systems have come under some serious threat.

In order to streamline the deteriorating  social, political, and economic systems in the world, a political reformation at the international scale is needed urgently. I, therefore, propose to form a global government which has sufficient powers to tame, prosecute, and imprison the despotic politicians who are committing crimes against humanity during the ongoing Covid crisis.

You can download the March 1-15, 2022 issue of The Outbreak magazine and share it with your friends and colleagues so that they could proactively support this editorial initiative. It is also given below in the digital format.

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